What I offer

Placenta Smoothies

It is a well known fact that the placenta is rich in nutrients, and in many cultures the Placenta is consumed by the Mother directly after birth. This is done to help her body recover from childbirth and to build up her strength.

I am able to create a delicious tasting fruit smoothie, containing your placenta, that will uplift and revitalise you after the pains of labour and birth.

Benefits of Raw Placenta Smoothie:

  • Helps stop post partum hemorrhaging and trigger the body to quickly heal internal wounds
  • Significantly reduces blood loss
  • Gives the body an immediate supply of essential vitamins and nutrients
  • Provides the body with an immediate boost of hormones to begin healing the body after birth
  • Gives the mother an immediate feeling of strength and balance
  • Most mothers who have the smoothie report milk comes in at day 2 post-partum rather than 3-4 days post-partum
  • Eases the hormonal transition to post-partum and helps prevent the baby blues around the time when milk engorges the breasts

Sally Cropper is a friend of mine who specialises (professionally!) in turning the placenta into tablets that can be swallowed. I can deliver your placenta to Sally Cropper if you wish to have your placenta encapsulated.


As a member of Doula UK I also have access to a Hardship Fund, which has been setup to assist towards the cost of hiring a doula. Please follow this link follow this link for further details.

If you do not qualify for the hardship fund a payment plan can be arranged.