What I offer

1. The Birth Package

Before Childbirth

    I offer you a free consultation to talk about my services and answer any of your questions.

    I will meet with you twice before the birth to get to know you and your partner to build a good relationship with understanding and trust and to ensure I know your plans and requirements for your labour.

    I will prepare you for the birth of your baby. I will give you different tools you can use to help you relax and breath through your labour and birth, and help you write your birth plan.

    You can contact me at any time with questions or worries by phone, text, or email and I will help you get any information you want. I am available for you 24 hours a day seven days a week for two weeks either side of your due date so that you can call me as soon as you are in labour and I will be with you between 30 to 60 minutes.

    In addition, I can teach you:

    • Exercises - which will help keep you supple.
    • Breathing techniques - to help you throughout labour, if you feel that you would benefit from them.
    • I can use a Rebozo (a Mexican scarf) for comfort, and to encourage your baby to move into an optimum position for birth.

    During labour

    I will stay with you throughout labour, however long, providing nurturing, continuous support and reassurance; helping you have a positive birth. I will also encourage your partner (if you have one) to participate in the birth to a level at which he feels comfortable.

    During labour, whether at home or in hospital I do my best to create a quiet and comfortable environment where you will feel safe and nurtured while you give birth to your baby. I will remain with you until after the birth to ensure you are comfortable with your new baby.

    After the birth

    After the birth I will make two postnatal visits to debrief the birth with you, give you any emotional and practical support you may need. I can help with baby care, do light housework and be a listening ear.

    If you wish I can make you a placenta smoothie.

    I will give you support and encouragement in breastfeeding if that is what you have chosen to do and provide you with emotional support if needed.

    I can also take photos of you and your new baby after the birth, if you so wish.

    The cost of the Birth package is 675

    plus mileage (45p per mile).

    Birth Pool Hire

    I have an inflatable birth pool for hire.

    65 includes pool hire and a new liner and hose.

    2. Postnatal Services

    In the early days or weeks following the birth of your baby you and your family may need some extra help.

    I will be available to come to your home for 3 – 4 hrs a day to do various household tasks such as light house work, making lunch, preparing vegetables, shopping, walking the dog, looking after siblings etc., to enable you to mother your newborn and also to have a well deserved rest.

    I will give you support and encouragement in breastfeeding if that is what you have chosen to do and provide you with emotional support if needed.

    My aim is to help make the transition into parenthood a smooth one.

    Fee for postnatal services - £17 per hour

    plus mileage (45p per mile)

    3. One to One birth preparation

    You may not wish to have a Doula with you in labour, but would like to have the benefit of one to one birth preparation with a Doula in the comfort of your own home. As experienced mothers and specially trained birth supporters, Doulas are skilled in helping mothers and their partners during pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period. These evenings are tailored to you and your partner depending on YOUR needs.

    Topics can include:

    • Debriefing a previous birth experience for couples expecting a subsequent baby and wanting to move on and have a more positive experience.
    • Antenatal class topics, such as stages of labour and pain relief (natural and pharmaceutical), for couples who have been unable to attend antenatal classes due to lack of availability or lack of time
    • Preparing for labour and birth
    • Understanding labour and birth
    • Choice of birth place; home/ hospital/birth centre
    • The role of, and how to be a support person
    • Labour relief; chemical/ natural
    • Preparing for birth
    • Breastfeeding
    • Exercises
    • Breathing techniques for use during labour
    • Writing an effective birth plan and how to maximise your chances of success
    • How can my partner REALLY help me during labour
    • Baby? Now what!

    85 for 4 x two hour sessions for first time mums and their partners who wish to cover all the topics listed (and more). Refresher sessions can be arranged at a lower rate.

    Please contact me for more information or a chat.


As a member of Doula UK I also have access to a Hardship Fund, which has been setup to assist towards the cost of hiring a Doula. Please follow this link for further details.

If you do not qualify for the hardship fund a payment plan can be arranged.

Help with affording a Doula

One idea to help make the option of a Doula more affordable is to ask for Doula UK gift vouchers instead of presents from your friends and family. Thinking of having a baby shower? This is a great opportunity to ask for contributions towards your Doula instead of more baby toys as gifts.